All your {user:data} in one place

Stories gathers everything that happens regarding a user on a timeline,
so you can understand what is going on and take action in the right direction.

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Meet Stories

Understanding users is hard. We fixed it.

360- degree user view

Stories shows you all the actions taken for or by a user; both across your product and the different tools you use.
Stories is the definitive place to learn all about a user. Think of it as a crystal ball.

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Self-serve with Chapters

Catch meaningful data and track events to get answers for any question. No coding needed.

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No coding hassle

Gather user data from disparate sources with pre-built connectors, no coding skills required, or use Stories APIs.

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Empower your different teams

  • Support

    When a user reaches out, quickly understand what is going on and find answers to questions in order to provide a more efficient support.

  • Customer Success

    Understand key milestones during the user journey.
    Identify churning users as well as upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

  • Product

    Put yourself in your user’s shoes, and improve the entire user experience.

  • Operations

    By analyzing how users behave, you can improve operations and create a strategy that addresses pain points and queries.

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